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ID: 3157816-3
Visit and delivery address: Timperintie 5, 21570 Sauvo

Phone: +358 40 513 3340
Email addresses are in form:

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Email addresses are in form:

Aki Honkanen

Aki Honkanen
Tel. +358 40 513 3340

Invoicing information

  • E-invoice address: 003731578163
  • Operator: 003731578163 (OpusCapita)
  • Invoicing email:

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Partners and resellers

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Manufacturer of Electrolytic ozone water devices.

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Household and hand hygiene products, HORECA.

Maritime, Public spaces, Food processing, HORECA.

Horticulture and greenhouses, Food processing, HORECA.

Water treatment, public spaces, Food processing.