Ozone and ozone water

Ozone is a highly energetic and very unstable molecule composed of three oxygen atoms (O3). The extra atom of oxygen attempts to recombine with anything in its path to stabilize itself. When it encounters pathogens and microorganisms such as bacteria, protozoa, virus, algae and biofilm, and organic waste or environmental contaminants, ozone reacts as an antimicrobial oxidizer.

Ozone is the strongest antimicrobial oxidizer commercially available. Ozone is a gas that, when dissolved in water, kills pathogens and microorganisms, destroys organic contaminants, breaks down inorganic contaminants, kills biofilms, and breaks down chloramines. This is the reason why ozone is widely utilized, among the other applications, in water disinfection.

otsoniveden käyttökohteet

Ozone gas can be produced by passing air or oxygen through a light energy field (UV-light) or electrical energy field in a chamber (Corona discharge method), which is the most common production method. Ozone can also be produced electrically from pure water utilizing electrolytic cells, when minor amounts of hydrogen is produced as by-product.

SauvO3 Ltd. imports BES Group products in which ozone is produced from pure water electrolytically by the so-called indirect method, iEOG, (indirect Electrolytic Ozone Generator) where a small amount of seed water is introduced into the PEM cell for ozone gas generation and the ozone gas is dissolved to larger water flow. The technology has been recognized worldwide as a simple and far more efficient method of producing high concentration ozone without inherent disadvantages associated with conventional processes in small to medium commercial-scale applications. The aqueous ozone or ozone water can be used for all kinds of sanitation and hygiene purposes that are traditionally related to use of sanitation chemicals.

BES Group’s videos on ozone water production:

Regulations and safety

Ozone occurs in nature both at the top and bottom of the atmosphere. The upper ozone layer is of primary importance for the protection of the sun’s UV light, but the high levels of ozone gas in the lower layer can pose a health risk, especially for asthmatics. Ozone is characterized by a pungent odor and can already be detected at a concentration of 0,01 ppm. Ozone gas irritates the lining of the lungs and damages the lung tissue. In healthy persons, inflammation and irritation symptoms begin to occur at a concentration of approximately 120 µg/m³.

Protection-values 2020 (Ministry of social affairs and health) (Finnish)
Ozone – Chemical card (Finnish Institute of Occupational Health)

Directive 2008/50/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on ambient air quality and cleaner air for Europe sets ozone gas levels as follows:

  • Information threshold 180 µg/m³/h (Annex XII)
  • Alert threshold 240 µg/m³/h (Annex XII)
  • Protection of human health – Maximum daily eight hours mean 120 µg/m³ (Annex VII)

Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA (USA) has set the safety guidelines for ozone as follows:

  • Maximum daily eight hours mean 0,1 ppm or no more than 2 hours exposure for 0,2 ppm

Ministry of social affairs and health in Finland has set the safety guidelines for ozone as follows:

  • Maximum daily eight hours mean 0,05 ppm or 0,1 mg/m³ and 15 min exposure 0,2 ppm or 0,4 mg/m³


There are various of scientific data of ozone water use in different applications.

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BES Group products evaluated by leading 3rd party labs.

1Inactivation of Covid-19 with ozone water spray produced by ozone spray bottlePDF
2Disinfection of hands by ozone water spray (E. coli) PDF
3Disinfection of stainless-steel knife by ozone water spray (E. Coli) PDF
4Disinfection of hands by ozone water produced by water disinfection system (WDS) (Microbial count) PDF
5Treatment of plastic toy with ozone water produced by water disinfection system (WDS) (Microbial count)PDF


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