Replace traditional chemicals with clean water disinfection equipment

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Disinfection equipment

SauvO3 is selling the products that can replace part or all the of current chemicals used in sanitation and personal hand hygiene by utilization of tap water.

Maintaining hygiene is a key of several functions and use of different set- up of chemicals and water flushes is standard operation method. The use of chemicals is natural in many cases, but some of the chemical processes can be replaced with more environmentally friendly choices. Tabletops, surfaces and hands can be disinfected by tap water used in electrolytic process.

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Replace chemicals with clean tap water

Did you know that it is possible to replace all the hand and surface disinfection chemicals with tap water?

  • Would you be interested of intensifying hygiene of ice, surface and tools of your kitchen or restaurant?
  • Have you ever thought disinfection needs of meeting rooms, public spaces or how to handle hand hygiene in public toilets?
  • Are the current chemicals used in cleaning process causing challenges in biological wastewater treatment process?
  • Are you tired of seeing all the chemical bins in your facility – how about storage and recycling of bins?
  • Would you mind of cutting carbon footprint of your company by cutting the logistics and usage of chemicals?
  • Are you interested of out of the box solutions?

If answer is yes in any of the questions above, we could have a solution for your needs. Please visit PRODUCTS and SHOP.

Electrolytically produced ozone water

One of our key technologies is indirect Electrolytic Ozone Generation (iEOG), which produces pure ozone from tap water instead of gaseous air or oxygen for sanitation purposes. Ozone is 3000 times faster and 50 times stronger than chlorine-based sanitation chemicals and there are no residues left with ozone, just pure oxygen.

Key advantages of technology:

  • No need for external air or oxygen gas – No Nitric Oxides (NOx) & Nitrous Acid
  • Full-time self-monitoring, real-time alarm & service codes
  • Built to last – designed for 9-year full-time heavy-duty use.
  • Modular and scalable intelligent design that is also extremely compact.

SauvO3 Ltd. has exclusive rights to selling BES Group iEOG products in Finland.